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About: He's eccentricity and madness personified; a Slytherin trapped inside a Gryffindor's body; a Nerdfighter, a wizard and a direct descendant of Doctor Who; for lack of a better term, a walking dichotomy.

Believes books are one of the greatest things ever conceived and consumes so much TV it's bordering unhealthy. Perhaps enigmatic and oftentimes detached. Oh and he's also a leftie, therefore he's awesome.

Connor Walsh: A Summary

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Jesús Prudencio   |

Cars And Films is a little project by me, Jesús Prudencio. I love films and cars! I’m a graphic, web designer and illustrator from Badajoz, currently living in Seville, Spain. I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Seville. I’ve worked in several studios as Fabulario (a graphic design studio) as co-founder and creative director. Now, I’m a freelance graphic designer.

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The art of Rhys Cooper

Relax, relax. We were s i x t e e n, locked away at an all boys boarding school in the middle of freezing New Hampshire. It’s not a big deal.

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